An Investor / Traders' Mindset

While trading the Financial markets from Equities to the Foreign Exchange Market can be exciting to most traders; it is in fact the challenge that faces the investor and traders’ appetite for risk / rewards potentials. Thus making it more attractive for some who would be willing to accept the risk of loss to a certain degree, in exchange for the potential gains that the market offers.
A traders’ mindset goes through the course of trading experiences that can be developed with proper training. As traders and strategist learn from mistakes made in the past. But it is in the correct moves and trades that should be keenly noted as how winning positions were made.
Making the same strategic moves twice or more that delivered the winning results should be kept in place at all times. Although there is no guarantee of a profitable trade in the future. The probability of having one is greater than the other. On the other hand making the same mistake twice in a row is something that is very costly and should at all times be avoided.
It is how the mindset can be trained to think how the appropriate approach must be made prior to executing a trade. A more traditional form; is to apply the strategy of eliminating signals that can be deceiving to ones’ view point. A clear example is viewing the charts on different time sequence where each chart can relay a negative or affirmative direction from each other. And most of the time this is very clear to those who have a keen eye for comparisons. The overall summary as seen on a bigger picture like the weekly chart would be a good technical tool to use instead as for overall chart analysis.
With a few combination of technical analysis, tools may also help eliminate false signals in the process like the price comparison signals on breakouts supported either with extremely high volumes and volatility as it moves to the direction of its trend. Each one has a variety of technical tools at their disposal and most of these traders have their own particular favorites.
Take note; that the prices and charts derived from the on-screen are all the same and alike. it is just in the perception and the traders independent market understanding that differs from one another. And during these course of active trading when price swings are in thier volatile stage. More often that not, stop losses are triggered due to the lack of tolerance levels and willingness to float or sustain a loss in the market. specially for those who are not willing to stay on a weekend position.
A traders mindset; as a strategist knows when and how to move regardless of market conditions. It is not only as a challenge, but a trading discipline that would develop the maintaining power and the endurance in staying the course in the market especially when they know that they are right. And this is due to the overall effectiveness of having a trade plan developed and contigencies in place even before any adverse price fluctuation occurs in the market. 
And in cases that positions are mainly wrong within a matter of decision making to cut losses without any hesitations whatsoever, will do so. To seggregate the losses into several segments or trading phases can easily be recovered rather than trying to recoup them in a single trade which will hamper most trading plans.

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