Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Third (3rd) Perspective Angle in USD Correlation

Here are two distinct market insights for the USD Index with contrasting opinions that are well justified to back up their statements. The common denominator on both outlook is the 'uncertainty' on the new administration plans and confirmation statements to have a clearer path for priorities. Although, post election defines stimulus plans on reform with taxes, financial deregulation and infrastructure spending were the core priorities since Donald Trump's campaign and post election to his presidency.

To have a better take from our response we suggest to view / watch and click on the link before continuing our shared info.

Is the Dollar's Run Done? Why other traders say, yes.

Other than the two market views explained on the video by both resource persons; allow us to contribute a third market insight as a response that can be viewed in another perspective. Although, the Euro's parity was not directly clear it has been anticipated to be as prices have fallen closest to 1.0340 equivalent to the DXY high at 103.44 on Jan 3, 2017. This move coincides with the USDJPY at 118.61 and drifted back towards the 111.59 levels. USDJPY has maintained its stance currently at 113.00 after testing a weekly high at 114.95.

A Third (3rd) Perspective Angle in USD Correlation

When the Market Speaks, Listen & Engage Wisely

Learn to Apply & Level the Playing Field

The market price movement speaks for itself as record levels are marked. While Asian stocks trails behind from continuing 'TREND DIVERGENCE' which other Asian analyst still need to respect. Growth in Investment Portfolio and protecting / preserving value to build-up equity from other alternative global markets needs to be incorporated into the equation. 

Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.02% the S&P 500 index SPX, +0.17% and the Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, +0.41% to finish at all-time highs on successive days. A clear market direction which has been defined, respected and not anticipate a turn round ahead of these market conditions.

DOW As of FEB 17, 2017

These are the types of market conditions that MegaTrade101 emphasizes for US-Asian / PH Investors where such 'Divergence' on Stock Market prices can be taken advantage of and benefit from having access to global equities build additional revenue instead of experiencing a double whammy of value losses from the PH stocks on top of a weakening PHP value. Thus doing justice for investors investment portfolio as a whole rather than simply taking on individual stock picks hammered down by a contagion mining sector.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Market Insight: PSEI & PH Financials Relative to PHP Weakness

It remains a fact, that the recent one day up-swing of the PSEI back to the 7294 from a previous low of 7174 have proven to be short lived. As Foreign buyers got back into the market after 8 consecutive outflows , again have lost steam proving that such price upward price swings were simply a relief market recovery from a spill over backlash of the mining sectors decline in the market.


The PSEI ability to move in both directions is a result of the market uncertainty that the PH stocks are more susceptible from the recent price declines in the mining sector. With a few exceptions to the rule of contagion were the Financials, Holdings and Properties Indices have sustained their recovery from the previous end of the year declines. Yet, the most that the PSEI have made was marking a 7402 high and retesting the low band on its daily price range / consolidation.