Wednesday, May 23, 2018


@MegaTrade101 #USD Back on Track above 94.00 aiming to retake 95.05; as #FX European Majors fall in record levels with #EUR 1.1700 #GBP 1.3349 along side precious metals #GOLD 1291.00 slightly off #JPY 110.10 as of US #trading session 

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With Trend-following PRICE ACTION: 

A. In a Rising market, pay close attention at the Support levels.
B. In a Declining Market, pay close attention at the Resistance Levels.
C. As it avoids creating a "Bias Market Sentiment"

Note: A Trend Reversal is Approach in a different process

The end result viewed on a weekly basis of the GBPJPY Cross Rate have identified the overall 'RISING WEDGE' which forms the technical outlook for the cross rate. With the UK disappointing CPI figures have hammered CABLE to its record levels with a low at 1.3305. 

As the USDJPY had made a corrective move with a soft USD retreating within the early US session. but is again back above the 94.00 basis point index. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

US Asian & PH Investors Know How Alternatives in Trading & Investment Works

There are Smart Choices to be made!

It has been quite a grueling four (4) months since the Philippine Stock Market Index(PSEI) peaked at 9078 at the end of January 2018. And have reached a dramatic low at 7499 which can be considered as the initial base for now. As the two (2) recently encouraging price recovery have lost steam while ending the week of May 18 closing at the levels of 7672. 

The market's ability to make a decent enough follow through after weighting adjustments made on the indices, and partly influenced by the positive sentiments of US equities price action then wasn't enough to build momentum as foreign outflows still dominated the end of the trading week. 

This was not really a surprise, as the market's behavior on the price recovery most often fizzles out and even pares its gains while drifting much lower from where prices came from. While most PH analyst have conveyed that inflation factors, high cost of local fuel along side consumer goods and services have creep-up. As the recent rate hike of the BSP have finally came through, as an economic policy responsiveness for higher inflation figures.

Although, other mix reports continuously states sound and solid fundamentals for the Philippines is stable with the recent positive credit rating approval received. True enough, but the up & down turns are part and partial of the growing pains for the market from the numerous share right offerings - SRO, government bonds, foreign outflows, and new corporate bonds offerings in the list. 

Investing & Trading by CORRELATION is the way to ADAPT in  this type of market conditions with utmost SUCCESS! . . . Sir Alexander