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TRADING Global Markets at Coffee Project EVIA

MegaTrade101's advocacy to share valuable market insights on 'how trading is indeed a medium for investing' in the global financial markets. As we aim to achieve this program through informal-social meetings, coupled with the perfect ambience for learning the tools of the trade.

MegaTrade101 is an Independent & Professional Authority & Fiduciary Duty to our clients is top priority. No Foreign or local affiliations / Representation & No Conflict of Interest

Sign up now, select a date & send RSVP and don't miss a rare opportunity to meet up and discuss in an open forum what to expect from trading various industry sectors. For all like-minded self-directed investors & traders that would be 'group accordingly' based on the level of knowledge, experience & skills 

Especially for those who wants to learn, to stay ahead & be completely prepared to discover from their own due diligence, what the next highest probable trade could be in these volatile markets.

WHAT:        An Informal Open forum on Market Strategies (Website Version)
TAKE Away:  A Relative Series of Progressive Sessions                           
  • Market Insights: PH Stocks Correlation with Global Equity Markets
  • Address the level of Trading difficulty & level the playing field 
  • Solutions that best fit each attendee & achieve the highest probability of success. 
  • Appropriate strategies on Hedging, Cost Averaging & Short-Selling
  • Develop the ability to endure market volatility 
  • Access to online guidance while trading for two weeks 

Access to MegaTrade101's 'Brief & Special Market Insight 4th Qtr. 2018' from our on-going due diligence analysis. 
  • Where details are defined on Global Stocks, the USD, US Equity Markets / Foreign exchange rates including the Philippine Peso Value, and the PSEI performance Outlook for the 4th quarter heading into the 2018 year end. 
  • All confirmed, verified and registered individual email address of each attendee/s completing at least 8 sessions shall qualify to receive access to the special brief via email confirmation. 
  • Especially for those who have been nursing previous losses and/or have not made any reasonable gains from a trade since its peak; in spite of the 'Trade Warning Notice' MegaTrade101 have provided since March 2018 with the intention to avoid further loss on the trade positions. 
WHERE:    Coffee Project - EVIA Lifestyle Center, Daang Hari, Las PiƱas 

Welcome! Great to be back Manila, PH for the 4th Quarter Trading-Break 2018 & conduct the Relative Series of Progressive Sessions 

TIME / DAY:    Saturdays - 10:00 - 12:00 AM session / Lunch Break /
                                                1:00 -  3:00 PM session 
                                                Note: No two sessions are alike 

Notice of invitation for ONLINE Session / Meetings through SKYPE  Group Support
would be scheduled ahead of time by appointment only. Make certain to register a verified email address to receive messages / invites to join the meetings. 

Contact info in PH, via text message: Smart 09088880713 or Globe 09156486637.

NOTICE:  Registration for October 20 & 27 is close. Reservation is full

For those who would like to attend another schedule date of the same topic pls do send us an email indicating your interest. Or may still register / claim a ticket to prioritize your attendance accordingly. And we shall send via email the date, time and venue of the next scheduled session.

Early registration is encourage, just check link above for schedule dates and topic discussion of interest to select from. Thank you!  


As part of Megatrade101's advocacy for education, the 1st 30 registered & verified emails would be evaluated accordingly. Upon approval shall be accorded to attend our scheduled meetings thereafter at no cost. Likewise, we are in the process and in search of deserving individuals who meets certain eligibility requirements willing to be guided and mentored while actively trading the markets. .Please SHARE this link. 

COST:               For other attendees: Php 500.00 each / session upon arrival 
                           Or send via
                           50% discount on PM session for AM attendees only.
                           Dutch Treat on F/B. Pay over the counter orders only 

ATTENDANCE:   RSVP is Required for Confirmation. 
                             Limited to 10 persons / session group accordingly 

Why? So trainers & attendees can relate well by asking the right questions while getting the answers on the spot to have a clear understanding of the markets. It's like having your own  personal trading partner & advisor! 

Active market participants, self-directed investors & traders from various brokers / financial institutions, and /or association who wishes to attend are more than welcome to register. 

Would appreciate transparency and send email info. Only Straight forward discussions!

Email Request for AM or PM inclusion to 
Bring a laptop as WiFi connection printed on F/B receipt.
Other locations are available only by appointment 
in Makati & Alabang 

Full Disclaimer Apply         


  1. As of Sept 19, 2018
    PH Stock Market Case Scenario based on real Facts & Data
    A Decision where Investors should make a stand!

    The PHP exchange rate is relatively down against the USD as much as -13.63% for the past 3 years. While on a YOY basis it is -5.46% compared to a YTD at -7.23%. Now with inflation at 6.4% from the recently released data and the PH Stock market index at 7221.23 equivalent to a -15.62% YTD level decline, nearing the -18.12% loss when the PSEI was down to 6929/86 last June 25, 2018.

    How much do you think should the market recover to for retail investors to make a decent return for the equity investments? Meanwhile investors / traders still have to pay an adjusted tax increase for every trade done!

    Although, these figures may be pessimistic; being optimistic there is still a probability of a turn around once the numbers that we are expecting the market to mark by the 4th quarter entry be reflected. But until such data and figures shows we would not want to speculate on a full turn around unless certain narratives changes that would provide the major catalyst to turn the PH market higher without resorting to window dressing for clients benefit.

    To find out where and how should we make a stand...Come & Join us from our 'Relative Series of Progressive Sessions' at the Coffee Project EVIA. Click on the link to sign up!

  2. Likewise, this does not include the PHP value which has been depreciating that serves more than a DOUBLE Whammy Blow to the value of the PHP and what has already been lost in the market from the major sell off since its peak levels.