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Most often financial events covering investments and trading are well accepted especially in the Philippines especially if these presentations are free of charge. Obviously there is a catch 22 where, speakers or resource persons are from institutions connected with the events organizer as a sponsor. Understandable, because it's a way to attract possible customers. 

For other paid events with a similar format of presentations, most interested attendees willing to pay-up to learn more or simply try to pick up other important ideas to improve what they may or may not already know are in a disadvantage. As the lack of proper evaluation, addressing the individual's 'need to know' and questions to ask would have some degree of difficulty to be answered. And what happens thereafter the events with attendees not completely having the answers to their questions. 

And this is what MegaTrade101 intends to address in every One-on-One session. We do not pretend to know all the answers but would have the right resources for the information when called for. The importance of being able to assess and enhance every participant the necessary trading skills,
solutions based on each one's ability, level of strength and weakness to properly provide and equip them with the resource information whenever called for. 

The program Sir Alexander intends to provide & assist PH investors / traders especially for those who are 'self-directed' and have the necessary experience to adapt to certain market conditions. Each would-be participant will have to undergo an assessment and discuss the relative evaluation that would achieve a higher rate of trading success. Click on the link below for details 

Experience a far superior perspective with a new set of eyes on the market, even right after the first One-on-One session. 

Only the Best for your Trades!

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  1. This way we all do not have to waste our time and money with those who are unwilling to adapt and be flexible enough to find out what strategies would suit them while trading the markets.

    The initiative is actually a 'Value-added Incentive' to provide quality information at the very least amount, where active participants could take a lot more for what they would actually pay for with other events attended.