Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Holiday!

The shortened trading week would provide the market with much less liquidity levels which normally is reflected during a holiday. With the upcoming "Thanksgiving" holiday schedule, @megatrade101, we would like to express our utmost gratitude for all who shared our trading journey through out these years.

It has been a roller-coaster ride for the past 3 quarters of 2015, and yet being able to surpass our trading objectives, not without some hiccups, of course, have been quite a challenging path. However, we are always up for the challenge of these markets. And the market will always be there for the taking!

With the market's trading extension and market disruptions mostly in stocks, after reviewing, our past three (3) quarter trading performance and deliverables, it has come to the point that we would take advantage of calling it for the rest of 2015 year. Yes, an overdue trading break is scheduled after the Thanksgiving holiday this November. Although, we would still be monitoring market conditions but would relatively be lessactive and leave the rest of our long term stocks, currency denominated conversions & ETFs to be carried over to 2016.
Have a great holiday season!


For sharing your time and reviewing our market insights... 




Saturday, November 21, 2015

Trade Sequence Follows Trend On CABLE & AUSSIE


UPDATE: Trade Sequence have Just been Validated As of Nov. 20  24, 2015 US Trading session EST

Anticipating a probable corrective move for the USD are in line with the daily session lows in stocks; the momentum has dwindled as investors digest some relatively bearish reports both in the US retail and ECB Mario Draghi's comments.

The spill over effects from the EURO dented Cable's gain which signaled a probable down turn for the European majors. The resiliency of the USDJPY was still holding above its bench mark levels since the BOJ statements were overshadowed with how investors viewed stocks including the Asian NIKKEI 225 Average staying above the 19850 levels.

AUDUSD Price Recovery & CABLE's Decline
Brief Insight: Behind the Strategy ll 
Trade Sequence Follows Trend On CABLE & AUSSIE

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Two (2) Validated trades: GBPEUR & GBPJPY Crosses

The recent price recovery of CABLE from the week's low @1.5155 and currently @1.5275 has provided the momentum run for both GBPEUR & GBPJPY crosses a leg higher. That, of course has also been correlated with the corrective move on the USD as it pulls back this morning lower opening in the Asian session. Note that the GBPEUR an "Alternative Strategy" that we covered in our previous market call last Nov 09 which led to the comparative strength and weakness correlation between the Cable & the Euro as a good preference to choose from as against a top heavy on Yen related crosses among others in our video support and "Trade Summary On Cross Rates 2" .

Although, there may well be a probable continuation of this run; it is in our best interest to have settled and booked the two cross correlated currency pairs based on their time exposure and target objectives. These trades were in effect as follows, with the GBPEUR from Nov. 09 -to- Nov. 19th 2015, and booked @1.4275 in the Asia session today. While the GBPJPY was from Nov. 11 -to- Nov. 19, 2015 was likewise done @188.35 as it meets our price objective at this point of the session.

This validation is dated Nov 19 2015 at the Asian Trading session for MT101 Journal documentation.

 Trend-following has its advantages! And following a trade plan that defines time exposure, price objectives and adapting to market conditions should always be a priority in trading volatile markets.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Trade Summary On Cross Rates 2

Net Percentage Trading can only be as effective when choosing the right combination of correlated currency pairs that are timely executed  in the market. While treating a loss as a cushion against unexpected adverse price fluctuations.

MegaTrade101.com Video Support Trade Summary On Cross Rates
Focus on the Japanese Yen related cross rates with an arbitrary hedging strategy on Cable against adverse price fluctuation

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Moment of Silence!

MegaTrade101 is not all about making money! Taking time to reflect how blessed we all are for celebrating life. Pray that others would see the same way one day. We are reaching out to all for "Peace"

Our prayers goes to all in Paris, France!