Saturday, June 25, 2016


The aftermath of the UK vote was the catalyst that provided a strong rally for the #YEN to gain more VALUE for the buck as it did broke and marked a 98.82 USDJPY low before making a slight end of the week price recovery. This has justified our sequence of trades based on Value. As the YEN strength in Value runs in sync with JYU 2016 futures target objective @0.01013 high and knowing when a disconnect will occur thereafter makes a huge difference.

While the indirect correlation of cross trading CABLE & YEN would be more pronounced as the GBPJPY base cross rate is more affected with CABLE / USD price action that gave DXY the relative strength from a CABLE weakness and not necessarily a USDJPY rally. In this exceptional case where the YEN has been a secondary safe haven for JPN225 declines making new lows have been also provided the Hedge strategy for Asian interbank investors alike. MegaTrade101 shall provide a separate insight regarding this cross trade strategy in our next info.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Expecting a market shift as mentioned in our ' Contrarian Market Approach for #CABLE', and after all is said; the USD recovery @94.80 and a huge price swing for the GBPUSD  @1.4000 was seen in the Asian session. CABLE's 1.4880/90 tech level from a 1.5017 high; was in line with fundamental reports which gave way for the price swing which covers the wide range from its HI/LO. This is closer to a 1000+ wide pip range. And the probability of a closing price across the European majors & the DXY would be within the mid-range of the ATR for the week.

"When CABLE does move higher, watch the price levels @1.4880/90 that may find some price session pullbacks. As the end of the week and 2nd quarter trading may still add volatility in both directions for position adjustments."
...excerpt - Contrarian Market Approach for CABLE.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#TSOT - CONTRARIAN Market Approach for #CABLE

GBPUSD Price Update: @1.4880 as of 6.23.16 early European session

As we recall, far back as the day on September 16, 1992 termed the Black Wednesday; when the British Conservative government withdrew the Pound Sterling from the European Rate Mechanism led by John Majors. Which then proves to be the right and well calculated decision. Although, the end-result was a huge drop of the GBPUSD in a single weeks move thereafter coming from a 2.1080 high.

In comparison from the low prices of CABLE today, the current price levels for the GBPUSD to sustain its initial strength slightly favoring the 'Remain' camp with intra-day corrective moves between its average true range and the HI/LO band will really depend on the actual vote which is too close for comfort.

Click here:
CONTRARIAN Market Approach for CABLE

Monday, June 20, 2016

#TSOT - Opening Trade & Price Gap Question:

Placing Fundamentals on the sideline.
Is this a 'RUN AWAY GAP' or an 'ISLAND REVERSAL' signal ?

Comments & thoughts would be appreciated!


The market's ever-changing reactions on the BREXIT & BREMAIN have been expected  as it draws closer to the day of reckoning. Build-up of speculative positions would surely add more towards market volatility until post referendum takes center stage. The outcome of an exit would allow CABLE to continue its prevailing trend direction while the obvious price action in favor to remain with the EU already reflected how the market have already priced it in. Ironically, the momentum for prices to sustain have somehow lost steam during the course, as traders play book for safety kicks in.

MegaTrade101's position play with this market has been set for a medium to long term strategy for the EURO & CABLE. The price range from their respective Highs & Lows are marked for "Tolerance Levels'. Near term would be positioned Neutral to Bear with Pivot Price Points for intermediate price swings for both swing & counter-swing trades deem necessary post vote outcome. While the European crosses, USD, and JPY related pairs would be used whenever called for. This is well within the next few days towards the end of the 2nd quarter trading as well. 

Focus on USD, EURO, CABLE, YEN for FX. Including DOW, SP500 & JPN225  Equity Indices

#TSOT - A Defensive "Play-Book" will be the Smartest Way for Making the Right Trading Decisions! Great Move for Hedging before BREXIT!