Monday, January 26, 2015

CCY Corner - EURGBP Contrary-Trend Strategy

The Asian financial markets opening prices for the Euro's decline reflected the Greece election victory of the leftist Syriza better known to be anti-austerity group. The Euro started off with a lower opening price @1.1145 with a low apparently reaching @1.1095 where short-covering price action are now seen. With a seesion price recovery at the early European session working @1.1250. A normal price swing seen as the initial objective has now been achieved.

This has been a similar price action with the EURGBP cross with an opening price @0.7425 While Cable held steady at the same price level in Asian session. This is to no surprise that price reactions after the lows would we find a reasonable corrective move especially coming from over extended levels on both the European majors.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Event Highlights - Calendar of Important Events

Market Movers for the week ending January 30, 2015

Event Highlights

Friday, January 23, 2015

CCY Corner - EURGBP XRate & DXY

The Euro's decline continues as the ECB reports on QE have already been confirmed with an expected boost with a total amount of USD1.2T or an equivalent of 60B Euros monthly until September 2016. This has been the driving force of the markets where the highlights of market moving events have been dominated by central bank moves. A list of CBs monetary policies entering the 2015 is seen as a follow through were efforts of central bank decisions to control EU deflation or tame global inflation played well. 
Prices in the foreign currency market have been driven by these fundamentals more than a real free-flowing market. As we have mentioned that these are exceptional times with the US Dollar taking the lead currency pair in value among all of its global counter currency pairs. 
With that said, the choice of the EURGBP Xrate for the start of the year have seen a gradual decline because of the market's critical price levels and tensions created from the ECB QE program. And much to these Central bank moves; China's market talk of a similar move from the SNB would eventually curve a niche to stay competitive in value and keeping in check with global trade against declining foreign currency value. Somehow CCY value would have to find an equilibrium levels until such time when the USD would have to adjust from its current strong value.

CCY Corner - EURGBP XRate

Thursday, January 22, 2015

NOT JUST FOREX: Stock Portfolio

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Published on Thursday, 22 January 2015 12:42 
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Post SNB - Leveling the Forex Playing Field

The start of the Asian & European trading sessions were a little more subtle from last week’s surprise move by the SNB which resulted to a wild ripple effect on the currency markets not only for banks, but with a list of Foreign exchange brokers and hedge funds being affected with liquidity in the market. Everyone was caught flat footed with the news especially for retail clients and traders holding short-CHF related positions with the USD contrary to other investors in the EURCHF cross currency rate. 
Some analysts have mentioned, with the expectation of that a large ECB Bond Buying programs’ QE move would continue a EURO decline. And with the SNB cost to maintain its EURCHF cap would no longer be sustainable to carry. Thus, more likely have driven the decision to abandon its currency cap before the Jan 22 date. The timing of such would have been criticized because of the repercussions & abrupt effects brought about in the global financial markets, banks and investors.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Comparative Analysis: #DOW #SP500 #GOLD #DXY #EURGBP #FXCROSSRATE

Comparative Analysis On #DOW #SP500 #GOLD #DXY #EURGBP #FXCROSSRATE 
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Dow Jones Industrial Average 
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As of January 12, 2015