Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cipher3 Price Action Analysis & Insight

UPDATE: Although, Cable 's push higher came through on the confirmation that Scotland remains with UK, the Pound lost it steam at the closing session with a pullback below the 1.6300 levels. While the USD regained its session strength closing on the high side of its range. These moves at the closing for the week is quite normal and could be seen across the board at the closing prices.

The total volumes and volatility index for just this past couple of weeks have been substantial. Yet, for Cable alone would still be called within its directional trend lower from its high. As the referendum is finally over, so its back to the same market sentiments, which still calls the USD higher and  the strongest among the currency pairs. Followed by the J. Yen as the weakest, after reaching a109.46 USDJPY price point before paring off it gains and back @109.00 even levels. These incremental moves of double digit declines are simply a mere corrective mode while within their respective trends. While again, waiting for the right time to resume their direction is waht everyone is watching for.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014



The #DOW JONES and the #USD (DXY) are outperforming their peers with the recent rally we all have seen just this week alone. Exceptional times do occur when the US manages to come up with its own arsenal (so to speak) and outperforms the rest of the markets.

This has been our stand for sometime and have stayed the course. Our recent market view dated the 12th of September has held true especially with the "CCY Preference" that we have stated. Yen related crosses have likewise outperformed the majors volume and price momentum with the USDJPY taking the lead which has spilled over exceptionally well with the GBPJPY, CHFJPY, SGDJPY respectively.

Aside from Janet Yellen statements on rates and the FED'stance in keeping rates over an extended period, JOBS has been their main focus which has been receiving quite positive reviews contrary to wht other analysts say. However, with increase trading volumes and price momentum; The USD Index ability to move @84.81 high is impressive enough to push USDJPY to its current levels @108.95 to this writing. GBPJPY @178.23, CHFJPY @116.11, SGDJPY @85.75 respectively.

Congratulations! : 5 Trader/Investors who attended the Open Forum yesterday are very happy today with their own trade decision to take up these CCY pairs discussed. Reference to Price action Analysis dated the 12th of September - Insight to the Cross rates stated above. Now that you're ahead , stay ahead! 

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Price Action Analysis: JPY CHF GBP AUD & Yen Related Crosses

The major sentiments prevailing the USD is strong, while Cable has started a relief recovery weighing on poll survey for next September referendum. Beside these reports, we have seen the market volatility spread over the rest of the currency market including London's Gilts and Options market.

With the USDJPY reaching a record 107.52; triggered institutional the finality of seeing a follow-through plus a volatile action with the presence of volume and momentum accelerating  Spill over across the board on Yen related crosses generated a considerable move that followed the past couple of days. 

The catalyst that pushed the USDJPY beyond the 105.30/50 level have supported three of the major cross rates; the EURJPY, AUDJPY CHFJPY& the GBPJPY with the exception of the AUDUSD pulling back the AUDJPY on its decline recently. And this resulted the AUDJPY reflected a technically motivation of an engulfing pattern on the weekly chart whenever it closes within current levels. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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Monday, September 8, 2014

In Focus: Cable Pressured from Scotland Call


As of 07.15 to Current levels 9.08. 2014
This call for independence and a possible of over 300 year old union with the UK is negative for cable. There is a lot that goes into this mix as division & assumption of assets & debts to currency uncertainty does not come without cost.  The balance the economy, political policies and business interest is an overall fundamental value not to mention Scotland's contribution to the UK economy & members of the Labour party which James Cameron leads may well be in question in the next election.

Therefore these issues needs some real serious & quick resolutions before September 18th vote. Of which the time element involved vs. BoE Governor Mark Carney's call on an earlier rate hike would cautiously be held at bay. Gaining a yes vote has gathered pace that now stands on the poll at 51%.

And some economist have initially calculated that if this occurs it can lead to an additional 15% decline from the recent high around 1.6750/80 British Pound vs. the US Dollar. However, emerging markets would likewise be concerned with a rising (stronger USD) and would have to address contrary to each country's local currency value and goods.

Cable Pressured from Scotland

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Market Insight: Dow & USD 5 months from Today!

Price Action Signals Dow & USD Ready for Next Leg (Special Report 

With reference to our previous market analysis and observation, the Dow and the USD has been the Primary Drivers of this market. having accumulated an increase in volume, a wider shift of investors interest flight to quality, and on top of the overall positive figures of growth has been the ideal catalyst for a renewed directional trend for the USD for starters. With a simple exception of the recent figures on the Jobs data have obviously been brushed aside by disbelief from the market place.

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