Thursday, August 21, 2014

SGDJPY Riding High Contrary to GBPUSD Sliding Low!

Watch for session pullbacks before closing of the week!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Price Action Analysis & Execution: USD as Primary Indicator

Marking Sequence of Trades: Declassified

The sequence of trades based on Market and Price call that led to current USD Rally from June 28 to present. This shows the Effective Price Action Analysis before a Fundamentally Driven market provided the catalyst for the USD rally from 79.74 to 81.88 basis point  translating into a 4.14 bp difference and a Cable (CPI) decline of 585 pip value and an equivalent Euro (Draghi) decline of 685 pip value as of this writing (August 19, 2014)

The Effectiveness of Price Action Analysis and benchmarks Price Reference (Price Page Indicator) enhanced by technical formation and market behavior combines the CIPHER3™ methodology of Market Analysis and Proper Trade execution that MegaTrade101 discipline in its due diligence emphasizes.

It only takes one to make a difference in gaining Confidence in Trading the market while maintaining an unbiased analysis and adapting to certain market conditions. That is why, marking good trades are equally as important in avoiding losses while trading the Currency pairs or any financial market for that matter.

Sequence: From June 28 to August 19, 2014 Note: View starting from bottom 1 and work your way to top 6.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Price Action Analysis: GBP USD Index & Crosses

CABLE vs. CCY Correlated Pairs: The comments made by BoE Governor Carney over the weekend was again not surprising enough as recurring news on interest rates which added some stability to the decline of the GBPUSD around its low @1.6690. And then prompted a price recovery of Cable as seen in the Asian opening sessions today. 

Price Action on Cable has been defined since touching its peak price @1.7192 and the current low @1.6690. Easy to say after the fact! Right? Although anticipating such decline were a classic setup for those who happen to be more familiar with our three (3) way swing position trade which we have posted before. This also is part of the CIPHER3 Swing strategy applied as a counter-trade against a current trend that has a stronger potential for a price reversal, but not necessarily a trend reversal. Likewise, keeping a keen unbiased trading analysis that could balance risk management over market potential and calculating market exposure is essential while trading any relative markets. Click here 


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Monday, August 11, 2014

CCY Insight: USD EUR GBP & Cross Rate

Investors have been leaning towards where the market sway. As it has been surrounded with the geopolitical tensions on both sides of the Middle-East and the European / US tit-for-tat trade sanctions; the market could barely find it true direction.

Although, with the most recent easing of tensions in the Gaza strip and containment of the Islamic state activities have given some relief for a recovery among stock market activity. But this has not given much room neither for the precious metal or currency market any real sense of market direction, except for price swings move within their respective hi/lo band. Making lackluster trading activity to prevail except for event risk which increases volatility during each realease date. Other than that expect the market to stall in a tighter range during each day of the week until it finds a real catalyst to break their respective channels. As follows:

USD Index is confined within the recent High @81.72 and @81.25 in the very near term outlook. Furthermore, extending the low would well be @81.05 basis point. For swing traders to have anticipated a corrective move lower for the USD was well within the 2nd swing touching @81.72 from 81.57 first high and a correction towards the 81.19 before making it back to the 81.72. A divergent trend with enough selling pressure has prompted the current move and pullback towards 81.45 where it is currently at.

CCY Insight: USD EUR GBP & Cross Rate

Monday, August 4, 2014

Market SRO: Trading Stocks & USD Direction

With Reference to USD Price & Trend Reversal

The trading landscape in the Foreign Exchange market has changed in the sense that volume trading has deteriorated based on the Bank for International Settlements report since 2010. Although, the market has maintained its status quo of being the largest USDD$4.9T per day financial market.

However, let's face it; an average trade nowadays would take at least a week or more to be able to generate a fairly reasonable or even a significant market move. Day traders and scalpers going for a price difference of 30 to 50 pips a day within the 3 trading sessions can barely wait as the market tends to pause with prices stays within a tight band. Only then after the third day or at certain times even moves on the last trading day of the week.

This is a fact; and that is why trend-following a defined currency pair,  major stock index or a particular stock on hand can best be equated in a portfolio. Such portfolio always has to be governed by certain market conditions that prevails within the overall market. Pinpointing meaningful stocks from defined sectors that would be outperforming the rest of the pack from a due diligence research.would best serve this purpose.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Build EQUITY On Top of FX Capital Investment

MegaTrade101 aims to provide useful and quality information through written articles for investors who would want to be successful in trading the Foreign Exchange Market and avoid the unnecessary loses that occur in trading.
It's not a matter of Price call
In today’s' investment world, the financial instruments in general are having some difficulties building enough equity for investors due to the recent financial crisis still hovering around the financial markets. Although, the stock market has improved a lot from the beginning of the year, as most investors have made some fairly decent amount of money from the stocks bought in the earlier times when everything was practically considered at a discount. And rallied to its highest levels above 17000 and since then have made its corrective decline for the past week.Click to continue