Friday, October 24, 2014

Due Diligence & Proper Market Timing

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Market Volatility Prevails

DJI DDM USD vs. Majors

The volatility of the market have increased with the way the Dow Jones price action whipsawed in both directions after coming from its recently low @15,380 levels and since then recovered back to its original direction moving higher supported by overall corporate earning season. Current price as of this writing is @16,672.57; again aiming at the 17000 levels which would likely continue contrary to market still uncertain of the stability of this market direction.

With Pro-shares Ultra Dow 30 (ETF) following suit with prices @117.66 after making the deep decline to as low as 106.22 last Oct 15 has been tracking well the DJI with daily price gaps prevailing on the technical perspective.The major correction for the DJI have provided a considerable equivalent decline with the DDM & effects on the SPDR DIA that have most investors get caught flat-footed from these volatile movement.

The irony of the market is that the USD has slightly recovered from its recent decline nearing a support level from @84.45 to 84.74 basis point range while the registered high for the week came close to the 86.00 opening price of the month of October.The same price action relative to the DJI and the US Dollar have been reflected as in the direction major trend higher contrary to news reports even with the ebola virus cases slowly creeping into parts of the United States.

Market Volatility Prevails

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Weak Data Triggers USD & DOW Decline

Price Action Reflects state of Investor's Mindset

A Triple Whammy on Data and a quick-snap back is what the market have seen today! This is how the investors and traders in the market has behaved with a triple weak data,in consumer spending, manufacturing and inflation, have refueled selling pressure even in the earlier trading session.

Where market fears have prevailed over the real state of the U.S. economy against a back drop of a global slowdown. Again, this is where Price Action Reflects state of Investor's Mindset in a rapid price action. Just look at the USD move lower and the EURUSD which confirms its move higher and currently @1.2830. A considerable good move to hold the EURO long position contrary and against all odds of a declining market trend.

Today; being a Wednesday and the 3rd day of the week, signaling a confirmation of how effective an analysis has been since the first two weeks of the new trading month of October calling a probable market decline after the DXY have registered a new high @86.87 basis point and where DXZ14 Futures contracts refelected an opening price lower since the end of October 03, 2014. Thus showing a backwardation on the futures market contrary to the Spot.This is where most of our clients @MegaTrade101 have been able to take advantage of the price spread discrepancy between both Spot and Futures markets.

Weak Data Triggers USD & DOW Decline

Friday, October 10, 2014

Market Volatility: DOW & USD

The presence of market volatility has ever increased for the past weeks, since the beginning of the new month of October and practically at the start of the 4th quarter trading activity. With the market's positive reaction from the NFP and Jobs data have fueled a dramatic move for the USD.

Let alone the FOMC minutes have provided a magnificent lift for stocks making a strong comeback only to give it back with "uncertainty" towards the rest of the emerging economies that would ripple through the US economy as the overall general outlook. The market's ability to shift market sentiments is amazingly reflected with the Dow's price action alone have dominated market movements across the board.

The 16500 for the Dow is again a retest of its benchmark support which we have seen a close call from the first decline but fell short @16575 levels and currently with a low @16611 session low as of the 10th of October. A true test would be made as long as the prevailing sentiments remain and carry over for the coming week. Money flows out of stocks and remains high with the safe haven status of the US Dollar as of this time. This is in contrary outlook even with the negative comments from the IMF bearish sentiments which was one of the catalyst for the initial decline of the USD. Click to continue: Market Volatility DOW & USD

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Do Asian & Philippine Investors have Access?

Q: What would Asian & Philippine Investors do with their stocks, knowing that the biggest stock market in the US has dropped triple digits? How do you protect your investments when a decline happens, knowing that there are certain ways of doing it?

DOW DECLINES 232.64 (1.38%)

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3rd Quarter Trading Break: ONLY THE BEST FOR YOUR TRADES!

Its that time of the year that MegaTrade101 would be taking its trading break at the end of this 3rd quarter. It has been much more than a challenge for the past quarter, yet trading difficulty have been overcome with just a few trades focused more on the Cross Rates. Hopefully, we have been able to share some useful insights for your trades as well.

For now, we would like to say thank you for being with us during this journey. And that somehow we have been able to provide important reviews and analysis that have helped everyone to be able to take advantage of the markets volatility for the last quarter. Looking forward to another year of good trades!
Our training-mentor schedule shall continue so we would be able to provide a more realistic trading approach for every serious trader / investor who wants to be successful in these markets.

Again, our website would be on a maintenance schedule starting on the end of this month. We shall post any new developments on short notices on our blog-spot.