Monday, July 21, 2014

Perspective & Insight: EUR GBP JPY Majors & Crosses

On a 'Grand-scale Price Action Analysis'; there exist a similar view where the Euro/Yen (EURJPY) cross rates & USDJPY shows a directional market significance particularly with Asian traders. With the Euro's slowing inflation rate there is much to anticipate that the extended market consolidation on the USDJPY may soon prove to be a worthwhile waiting game for some positively motivated Asian traders & investors.

The daily & weekly price consolidation on the USDJPY remains to be @101.05/10 (S1) to 102.60/80 (R1) since February 2014. While the USDJPY held these price range; Sterling's ability to hold versus the Japanese Yen (GBPJPY) has had the similar effects of the run from a low @137.80 in 03.2013 to this period today @173.30. And much of the currency pairs traded have evolved around these pairs alternating moves as trend-following strategies where applied.

With that said, most US & European investors have been trying to weigh & setting aside a lot of market distortions from the geopolitical tension lingering-on in the European & Middle-East conflicts while still focused on the recent correction on the Dow Jones & S&P markets. And somehow manages to pullback from their daily low ranges and likewise finishing the day sessions with barely a double digit decline. These moves are part of a technical price alignment primarily based on the recent reports for jobs and a surprising housing contraction that led the pace for the decline.

To a certain extent that this similarity had also occurred with the overall picture perfect for Cable after a wide trading range breakout beyond the 1.6745/60. And registering a high @1.7192 before the current corrective move to as low as 1.7035; while the EURUSD recent high @1.3700 on 07.01 have prompted the single currency pair to its present lower levels @1.3522 as of this writing. As both majors have shown their respective resiliency to stay above these levels, one can not discount the probability that these currencies may still hold some underlying strength in moving forward contrary to its corrective phase which is likewise still in the making. Key levels to watch for CABLE still remains @1.6970-1.7000 range support and as for Euro is initially set @1.3450/70 to its current market rate @1.3520.

Highlights for the Week

Jul 23   
Australia Consumer Price Index 01:30 GMT     3.1% Consensus     2.9% Previous
Bank of England Minutes
08:30 GMT
Bank of England Gov. Mark Carney Speech
11:45 GMT

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Update: US DOW Rally Still Intact!

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SYMBOL        CHG  % CHG
DDM 122.72 +1.54 +1.27%
DIA 170.29 +1.09 +0.64%
FB 67.90 +1.56 +2.35%
GOOG 584.87 +5.69 +0.98%
AAPL 96.45 +1.23 +1.29%
TWTR 38.31 -0.02 -0.05%
SBUX 78.56 -0.04 -0.05%
DJI 17055.42 +111.61 +0.66%
GSPC 1977.10 +9.53 +0.48%
N225 15395.16 +98.34 +0.64%

Monday, July 7, 2014

USD Gains Extra Wind!

With a windful Jobs report; the USD has found that extra lift moving above the 80.05/10 closing price @80.27 and opening with a minor gap @80.33 in the early trading sessions. A narrow trade deficit was apparently expected with the USD nearest it lowest levels that likewise have held strong still above the psychological price benchmark @78.80. Entering into earning season for the third quarter, the DOW continues its rally, expecting minor trend corrective moves after breaking through the 17K levels.

The DOW's stellar moves have been a significant sight to watch where the DOW's corresponding price levels contributing to lift our ProShares Ultra DOW30 (DDM) @122.86 and DIA @170.47 positions to its highest levels at the closing of the week's trading. Thus, today's corrective move is expected with the higher opening of the USD and a short-lived session correction lower at the European sessions. The Euro's decline was a reaction from the weaker manufacturing data coming from Germany on top of the USD move that spillover to the EURGBP cross rate to follow-suit.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DOW Cruising Rally

Not Just Forex: 

The DOW and S&P continues to cruise towards making new highs at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Entering the 1st days of the week already have signified the market's real sentiments at a significant sacrificial lamb for the USD still declining and opening a window of opportunity for the rest of its peers to gain more ground.

As CABLE have overtaken as the lead currency pair, alongside with the AUD (AUSSIE), and the CHF (SWISS) taking their cue on the USD weakness. And making 20 Pence for every 1 British Pound traded in the market since we called it; at these price levels can only get better while the market last. Cautious play can only be advised at this time!

However, the real highlight is still focused on our Stock Portfolio heading towards a remarkable price rally nearing the previous call we have made for the DOW @17000 and the S&P @2000 is in the making. Since it is a short trading week, we would be taking our end of the 2nd quarter trading break. As mentioned any positions left would then be carried-over for the third (3rd) quarter but likewise still be monitoring price action from the upcoming data.

Have a good 4th of July every one and again...ONLY THE BEST FOR YOUR TRADES!

Monday, June 30, 2014

USD - A Major Correction! vs. CABLE & CHF Strength

Staying the course on the USD decline has been defined since retreating back from its high @81.02 levels and currently making a follow-through @79.80 basis point briefly touching a low @79.75. These moves have been identified and reinforced from the negative GDP with some delayed reaction while building enough momentum to carry-over the opening of the new contract month of July which is the beginning of the 3rd quarter, 2014.

The shortened trading week towards the 4th of July celebration; on top of a blitz-full of major Jobs figures & other data to be released would really provide a thinly traded market with enough zest for price action both for the Stocks and Foreign Exchange markets combined.with the May trade deficit and the June index on the services sector from the Institute for Supply Management. On Wednesday, U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is scheduled to speak on financial stability at an International Monetary Fund conference in Washington would indeed bring itn the fireworks.

Anticipating new record highs for both markets with the current "Reinforced CABLE Price Trend and CHF majors gaining strength have further pushed the US Dollar nearest its lows." The alignment of the USD Index movement with the USDCHF which we have previously called have again showed its true colors with the USD Top heavy technical and fundamentally driven market have justified its major correction for the past few weeks now.

Meanwhile, with the USDCHF registering a low @0.8861 and CABLE's new high @1.7112 have stayed well ahead of the stock market prices before the end of the week's trading. But these prices set-by both majors have already fulfilled its initial objectives in setting a new  record for the closing month of June. Watch for the price action volatility during and after the market re-opens on the following week of the 3rd quarter trading activity.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

MegaTrade101 New FX Direction

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