Thursday, March 19, 2015

Structured Strategy on Portfolio: Stay On Course

The markets moving in both directions for the past weeks; while sustaining a more positive outlook with the #Dow Jones relatively inching closer back to the 18000 levels. The three (3) major indices have been adjusting well from its recent declines while the 17500 holds well as its support. Meanwhile, the #DAX and the #Nikkei 225 have reflected their recent highs as a good signal for a continuing weakness of the Euro and the Japanese Yen against the US Dollar. Of course, until such time it proves to move on the contrary.

These conditions in the market have made it ripe for us to maintain and staying the course on our overall market analysis since the first quarter of 2015. Any real and serious changes would depend now more on the upcoming FOMC and BOE minutes of their meeting, until such time when the market prices have indicated a renewed turning point. As for now, we still do not foresee the market making any sudden reactions from its major trend direction. Either these may be the currency and global stock market.

Structured Strategy on Portfolio: Stay On Course

Monday, March 9, 2015

USD counterpart: UUP - Power Shares Dollar Bull ETF in lieu of USDX Futures).

Alternative strategies for the US Dollar are planned well to access types of Financial Instruments available for an investor to achieve a true growth on investment portfolio; which can only come from due diligence and having the right perspective suitable to certain market conditions. Learn to adapt!. 

DXY comparison with UUP Power Shares DB

USD counterpart: UUP - Power Shares Dollar Bull ETF in lieu of USDX Futures

The DXY exceeded far beyond our extension @96.25 and have reached @97.75 basis point since the Non-Farm Payroll and Unemployment figures came through with flying colors providing the necessary push for the USD to move higher(USD counterpart: UUP - Power Shares Dollar Bull ETF in lieu of USDX Futures).
A relative follow through is expected in the coming week especially in the Asian trading session. While investors sentiments may shift towards early settlement for stocks as a triple digit decline on profit-taking materializes. This may likewise be due to the early rate hike expectations that most analyst have been monitoring the tone of the Federal Reserve from the Jobs data.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wall Street & FX Markets Adjusts

While USD Continues strength For Now
Non-Farm Payroll figures have again spoken, that the US Economy on Jobs and Unemployment are way on its way as the key drivers for an accelerating US Dollar. Rewinding from our previous commentary on a positive tone for last week's report would favor the US Dollar.
 " The DXY aiming @96.25 probable extension would only gain some ground with an increase in volumes supported with a valid catalyst to lift prices."
Market & Price Call as of March 01, 2015 
Although, momentum have fueled beyond our target expectations which actually extended @97.75 basis point upon the release of the reports. Buying frenzy on the USD prior to these figures have been the real market sentiments prevailing. And to no surprise, unwinding some positions on a Friday for stocks and their corresponding indices and Exchange traded funds have been anticipated to a certain degree. After the fact? True enough, as this has been quite a norm after any major risk events taking place. However, this move would eventually shift and spill-over towards Asian & European trading sessions widely expected for the opening of the week. 

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Global ETFs Summary Objectives

With the strength of the US Dollar value compared with the rest of the other developed markets like Europe and Japan have proven to be an attractive investment alternatives in regions for U.S. investors in particular to adapt a currency hedge strategy, and leverage its strength & value to diversify, expand and protect assets, focus on growth while preserving capital in their respective investment portfolio. 
UUP - PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund
The Index is a rules-based index composed solely of long U.S. Dollar Index futures contracts that trade on the ICE futures exchange (USDX futures contracts). The USDX futures contract is designed to replicate the performance of being long the U.S. dollar against the Basket Currencies.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Exceptional Trading Journey Worth Sharing!

The last quarter of 2014 was a game changing strategy for us +megatrade101; as most of our viewers and devoted followers have asked why did we shift from Currency to Stocks and Exchange traded funds even towards the 1st quarter of the year.

Well, these two quarters have been quite significant for Stocks and their corresponding Exchange Traded Funds tracking the major indices. We have seen a remarkable rally on stocks including the USD. Apparently until now these markets have gained ground that have not been seen since we traded both Dow and USD simultaneously from 1996 to 2000. Although, this move clearly took 3 years in the making while it only took 2 quarters for this particular rally to show itself. And somehow we did provide most if not almost all our clients and readers a fair share of our analysis and emphasized a major trend in the making.
Exceptional Trading Journey Worth Sharing!

Stock Portfolio Summary

Hereunder is a partial list of Stock Picks from different industry sector from Tech Stocks, Food Retail, REIT / Property shares (not shown here) which have been included in our managed portfolio quadrant for the start of January 2015. Each stock has its respective characteristics and trade information which is based on their historical performances and Price to Earnings Ratio over a certain period and info data collected from reliable resources. Due diligence is a MUST at all times!

MegaTrade101 is currently overweight on US Stocks, Global ETFs tracking the major US indices including the European DAX and Japan Nikkei 225. Only Gold and Cable Trading remains in our segregated CCY & Commodity funds which may take awhile to shift back currency play whenever the need arises on good trade setups. We are looking forward to the second quarter for some currency shift.

Stock Portfolio Summary as of March 02 prices