Saturday, May 28, 2016

#TSOT: FX - Reverse Price Action Analysis

EXCERPT: #TSOT - Reverse Price Action Analysis - Having a Balance between Technical & Fundamental Analysis through Price action & Market Behavior by MegaTrade101

Understanding price action & its direction moving forward would have to undergo a certain process to be able to achieve a high degree of accuracy in determining where the next directional price trend will take its course. This is where a balance can be derive between technical and fundamental analysis takes place.

The application is best suited for the Foreign Exchange Market & Correlated Financial Instruments. This is the most basic formula to gauge market direction as it horizontally expands into a complex dimension called the 'CIPHER3 ™ Analysis by alexander@megatrade101' when other financial instruments becomes embedded and part of the trading equation.

External Forces  ><  Price Action based on (OHLC) Price Page Indicator >< Technical Tools = Trend Direction

External forces are the fundamentals factors that drives market prices that heavily influences price movement directly and/or indirectly; since markets are relative and correlated financial instruments affects each other especially in today's global trading activity. Once the markets have absorbed data and news reports traders and strategist reverts back to the drawing board by checking for historical price references.

Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend

While the market is still in the consolidation mode, enjoy the memorial day weekend everyone! Likewise, with London' holiday schedule we'll take this down time for Asia to take its lead in the market the coming week.

Have a great weekend holiday BBQ ...easy on the hot sauce & Cheers! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


GBPEUR Overlay
The EURUSD retracing @1.1128 has set the pace of the decline to new records for the month as the bear sentiments prevail supporting a steadier USD holding above the 95.05 levels. While CABLE's ability to sustain its directional trend with prices @1.4692 to this writing; proves well that secular forces have indeed maintained its course contrary to the USD strength.

It was fortunate of us @megatrade101 having able to identify that the GBPEUR cross rate, as an alternative currency pair to trade with would be another positive position to hold since May 11, 2016 and held over past the 18th of May to this current levels. Although, gains accumulated is already well protected against any unexpected change that may occur within its time cycle. Session pullbacks are not to be discounted at this stage.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

KNOW when a Trade Position is RIGHT or WRONG!

At times, even the best of the best traders struggles with the issue.

The simple answer to the question can be quite basic such as; when a trade position is on the money then its good. Otherwise, when prices trigger a stop loss order, then obviously its not a good trade.

Although, in a defined consolidation pattern where prices that literally go in both directions is an exception to the rule. As there are no rules to be broken with a long & short position can still result in the same manner.

And timely executed trade entry / exit is what matters the most. The bottom line results defines the trade after the fact. Likewise, there are other factors to consider even when there are only two sides of the trade to choose from. Click here to continue.


#GBPEUR VALIDATED! CABLE 5.11.16 resumes rally w/ momentum as tech formation supports price action as of 5.24.16

GBPEUR 1.3089 as of 5.24.16 US session high