Thursday, December 18, 2014

Forex & Stock Market Volatility Persist

Forex & Stock Market Volatility Persist

Indeed #DJIA and the #DXY uptrend resumed after touching 88.83 support levels and recovered with much vigor after taking cue from a dovish Fed. Impeccable timing, where both technical & fundamental co-exist with price action. The recent decline nearest to the price call on the Dow with a low @17067.69 was a close-comfort to call for a resumption of an upturn. However, bulls were eager enough to push momentum, volumes and price action swinging back higher after the Fed's report to its current price levels @17775.50 to this writing.

The level of investors market shift & liquidity in the Stocks have been increasing as evidenced on the increase in volume activity after each corrective decline plus a follow through in momentum since the turn around took place nearest the 17000 support levels.

Forex & Stock Market Volatility Persist

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Stellar Performance: DOW & US Dollar CCY

The stellar performance of the #Dow Jones & #USDollar have been reaffirmed with last Friday's Non-Farm payrolls number bolstering market participants with over 321K; with a total of 2.65 million jobs over the last 11 months, which surpasses the 2.33 million created from the previous year in 2013. This has been the a 10th consecutive home run on the Jobs field; so to speak for the US economy. Giving a green light for the Fed to hike rates at mid-2015.

Although, market driven by fundamental drivers is not new, since the past few months the market has been surrounded and is still is with other geopolitical uncertainty in the European continent where Russian related conflicts still tops the list. While Asia is dominantly seeing the USDJPY surged to as high as 121.68 to this writing and analyst are now more convinced that this rally is not over.

Stellar Performance: DOW

Monday, December 1, 2014

CCY Corner - On Gold & USD Index

Asia & European trading sessions started price action activity with Gold at center stage making a strong price recovery after  declining to1146.68 and a high @1185.10 for the session while currently @1179.75 to this writing. Click to continue

On Gold & USD Index

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Another Day of Thanksgiving!

Its that time of the year where we all have spend this day to share good things with friends and family. MegaTrade101 would like to take this time to thank all our loyal viewers and clients joining us through another year of trading the financial markets. We do hope that somehow Megatrade101 have provided everyone useful reviews and market insights that have improved each investor & trader's bottom-line.

Enjoy your day and the rest of the week! 


Typical Training & Mentor Session

Megatrade101-World CCY

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The Australian Dollar (AUSSIE) have shown some encouraging price action moves for investors and traders who prefer more of long positions on an Australian price recovery.

And we @megatrade101 is not an exception to this rule. As carry trades used to be a strong favorite of ours, the technical outlook and price levels are more inviting. The recent registered low @0.8540 levels (Yellow circle) was a significant price levels especially when prices recovered on the way higher. Although, some may find this on a lack of market conviction; the desired levels and prices are good enough for some longer term outlook against contrary opinions on the Australian Dollar. However, do not discount the possibility of price pullback since the major trend is still bearish.

The commodity currency alongside with the Kiwi have now more than ever influenced by China risk events and data. This currency pair and its corresponding cross rate of the AUDJPY will still be in focus. Needless to say the attractive strategies that can be played with a controlled risk on position trading. Conservative as it maybe but still delivers the goods. For now the 0.8540 would remain the base price moving forward. Fresh position would be held for over a period of time considering 'Time, Exposure & Tolerance' levels is key to this trade plan & strategy. It is how would be willing to play over a period of time.

Meanwhile, the AUDJPY remains resilient @98.86 to this writing, that reflects it is decided to stay on the higher band of the prices. Since this is supported by the Aussie Dollar's ability to recover from the price decline.

Monday, November 10, 2014


The Dixie (DXY) have finally achieved its initial target objective nearest to its all important price objective @88.80/92 basis point. .However, would not discount the probability of retaking it for a 2nd try & establish a new high before a pullback can be expected. It registered a recent high @88.20 basis as market sentiments remained strong for the USD with the FOMC, BOJ monetary policy move and the Jobs #'s from the NON-Farm Payroll maintaining a 9th consecutive job's growth and a lower Unemployment report of 5.8%.

The recent rally was anticipated since we have made mentioned that these times are exceptional that the USD movement came alongside with the strength direction of the Dow Jones on Wall Street reaching the 17580 levels from the start of  the earnings season. The corrective move towards Friday's closing was likewise expected, since the end of the trading week was almost over and the risk events have been delivered with high expectations of good number results.


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