Sunday, April 20, 2014

Not Just Forex: ProShares Ultra Dow30(DDM)

Averaging the DJIA w/ ProShares Ultra Dow30 (DDM):

Since the 2009 crisis, the DOW Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has had its fair share of major corrections with the recent three digit decline which we have seen from a 52 week range between 16,631.60 to 14,444.00. But with a 13% yearly average is not too bad at all!

Although,the recent decline from December to February was considered a major corrective move which we now see the current price @16,408.54 as a gradual resumption of its trend higher; with daily corrective pullbacks to be expected. And likewise with the US Dollar decline adding to this bull market trend would be the key component for the Dow to continue or not.

Not Just Forex: ProShares Ultra Dow30 (DDM)

Friday, April 11, 2014

1st Quarter Trading Break for 2014

NOTICE: To all our trading colleagues,

Well its that time of the year where we would be taking our quarterly trading break. The market had just been a bit over-extended before any real serious moves occur but it would not show on the technical charts. At any rate, from time to time we'll be monitoring the market for any sudden and unexpected moves from fundamentals. 

Have a great trading week ahead and we'll see you soon!



Global equities have fallen with the DOW Jones ( the US Mt. Olympus of equity to speak) dragging the rest of the pack lower with the spillover effects have gone towards Asia with the Nikkei below the 14000 levels.

Continued risk aversion and investors market shift to unload have gained momentum. Even with some commodity currencies like the Aussie Dollar vs. the Japanese Yen and Candian Loonie have felt the volatility in the market place. The best performing currency pairs were still converging with the Euro and Cable pairs gaining from the decline of the US dollar (Index: DXY) running below the 79.50 basis point contrary to the jobless claims report that have slightly provided some positive support for the USD. However, the negative impact of this decline have continued to weigh oni investors minds with the continued uncertainty of the US sanctions to be imposed on Russia. these are the two main hightlights that would be addressed by traders as to which on these fundamentals would weigh more on the market.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spot.Check: GBP.EUR.AUD vs. USD

About time! Emerging market currency increases have provided a drive to push the USD lower, on top of the market shift from institutional and speculative investors moving towards the Gold market. With the increasing tensions emerging in Ukraine have refueled uncertainty in the market place.

Although, aside from what we already know, the recovery amongst the European majors have not been driven by any particular news but simply by the continuing decline in the USD; with the USD Index (DXY) is currently below the 80.05 basis point support level. As the previous week's rather sluggish recovery for the USD coupled with some positive data have not helped it to sustain above the 80.50/60 levels. Price momentum have diminished with investors shifting from both sides of the market with the Dow Jones recovery before the day's decline. These market shifts and price squeeze have enabled market traders to move in both directions between stocks, commodities and the currency market.

Spot.Check: GBP.EUR.AUD vs. USD

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Price Action Analysis & Insight: EUR GBP AUD JPY

The positive sequence of USD news, the initial reaction from Janet Yellen's comments, consumer confidence and the recent ISM figures should have pushed the USD above the registered high @80.35 basis point. However, its failure to do so remains,as investors' contrarian sentiments on the USD recovery outweighs the reports. 
The USD Index DXY Spot, have been really sluggish as it now remains in negative territory below the 80.05 benchmark that whipsaw its way lower as of this writing. The market's behavior based simply on Price Action Analysis (PAA) have justified the prevailing market sentiments from its original trend behavior. Which in fact has been a relative short-lived USD rally that has not sustained its ability to push higher.
Price Action Analysis & Insight

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reference Analysis: AUD & AUDJPY

Benchmark Prices::

Reference Analysis dated February 05: Insight Market Update
                                            February 12: Insight: Market Update ll                                    

The Aussie Dollar & the AUDJPY cross rates; as the tandem currency pairs with the most potential market movers. As such, the relative price action already started earlier within the week where China's contraction can be seen alongside the performance of its stock prices. With barely 48.4 comparatively weaker than Taiwan and Korea PMI / export orders registering above the 56 & 51 respectively. This have dampened the Aussie for the past months until reaching its levels @0.8660 and 88.24 for the AUDJPY cross reference rate.

However, its recent recovery currently back-up to 0.8964 and 90.95 has been a welcome treat from the lows. For medium-to-long term trades have been very attractive for fresh positions anything well within 0.8500-0.8700 and 88.00-89.00 respectively on both pairs. It is actually a bargain price. And that is exactly what transpires when bargain hunting presents itself in the market. No amount of technical nor fundamental takes place specially for most institutional players in the market that applies certain benchmark prices from historical levels to trade.